AL-SHAHBA company was founded in 1998 and began its work and its development work and investment real estate. It is a family company owned by Dr. Saad Bin Abdullah Bin Abdul Latif Al-Harbi Alaubi Chairman of the Board.

AL-SHAHBA company diversified holding company always seeks to work within the standards and international standards and is now a group of companies are seeking permanent work for the survival and competitiveness of the universal.

Always aims to achieve:

Strategic development - and the proliferation and multiplicity of activities

Knowing that  ALSHAHBA company arrived to the world after its entry into the many countries, including: -

Turkey - Kuwait - Algeria - Libya - Morocco - Indonesia.

And we agents in other countries, like : Turkey - United Arab Emirates - Kuwait - Egypt - Libya - Algeria - Morocco - Pakistan - Afghanistan - Indonesia - Yemen - Jordan - Malaysia - Russia - Germany - Netherlands.

The AL-SHAHBA Holding Company diversified company engaged in:

- Hajj and Umrah.

-  Hotels Management .

- Internal tourist transport.

- Investment and Real Estate Development

- Business services (import and export).

- Metal Fabrication

- Food service and restaurants.

ALSHAHBA company aspires always aims to spread in countries and expansion activities and maintain a distinctive name and fame