Chairman Message

Praise be to Allah him alone, we praise Him and seek His help and guidance and pray and recognize the best of the prophets and messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him 
The Opinions varies and others agrees about the concept of quality and standard of the perfection, but we , in Al Shahba Holding Company, we do have a fixed notion and a clear line on which we move forward and train ourselves and our staff to give our customers the best service, listening and executing professionally ,our goal is the perfection in an industry that become The world's advanced and sophisticated '' Tourism and Hotels '' we are lucky to be honored to serve in the country of the Two Holy mosques, Saudi Arabia and under the leadership of his Royal Highness, who are submitting all the moral and material energies in order to give the best service to our valued guests so we do in Al Shahba holding company threw the variety of our hotels, and the new concept of welcoming ,the modern and sophisticated transport and the integrated Umrah program ,all are the right ways to the world of excellence ,by choosing one of our all new programs.