Alshahbaa Co. For Omrah & Hajj

Alshahbaa Company for Umrah Services is characterized with its services and expertise that exceeded fourteen years in the field of Umrah services and the outcome of this experience was that many of the parties have entrusted Alshahbaa Company to implement the programs of these parties. Alshahbaa for Umrah services implements and sells Umrah programs to many of the local and international companies, which we can not mention in this regard, the following is a brief overview of our outstanding services provided:


The Company has developed a program relating to airports to receive its distinguished guests from both inside and outside terminal.


The company manages and operates a group of hotels in Makkah and Medinah with different levels of residence, and it also concludes contracts with a large number of hotels of all levels, and the company is characterized by its own prices in many hotels.


The Company has privacy in dealing with carriers, either this privacy in its dealing with the companies of small and luxurious companies, also the company also has its own luxurious cars in order to provide distinguished services to the pilgrims. The company make conditions for all its means of transport to provide comprehensive insurance coverage.


The Company provides to its groups special companion to accompany the group from the time of their arrival until coming back safely, in order to facilitate all difficulties which may be faced by these groups.

Historical tours:

The company developed a special study about the historical landmarks in Makkah and Madinah. The study was prepared by a group of specialists, and is implemented by qualified and trained cadres.


Our guests are free to choose either to have their lunch inside the hotel where they are residing or in one of the luxurious restaurants in the city where they are living or with no meals.   By blessing and grace of Allah the company of  Alharbi was granted a license for organization of the services of Umrah performers and visitors of the mosque of Prophet Mohammed coming from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issued by the ministry of Haj under the number (179) on 1422H corresponding to 2001. Since that time, by the grace and support of God many contracts were concluded with many external agencies in more than 25 countries around the world, and our services were provided to more than 350,000 pilgrims and Umrah performers.